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I am a Certified Body Code Practitioner.  This form of energy work is used to identify imbalances that cause emotional, physical and energetic blocks. I find and release these blocks in a non-invasive, pain-free way that can be done in office or from a distance anywhere in the world! Releasing these distortions is what I do naturally and joyfully.  I can't wait for you to experience the energy, health and emotional freedom that you  long for!   

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2/1/2019, D.

 “Julie you have changed my life. After I saw you, I was with my boyfriend and even he could tell a difference in my energy. I am eternally grateful for you!” 

June 20, 2019 K.

 There are no words possible to describe what blessings can come to someone who is fortunate enough to work with Julie Clement one on one. Her gifts and talents are precisely that; gifts and talents from a Divine Creator who has endowed her with the capacity to recognize, define, and eloquently share with others how past emotional blockages and negative experiences are hindering their personal growth and well being. Her emotional and spiritual intelligences cannot be purchased at any university or training seminar. However, I have witnessed how Julie has spent years educating herself to become more aware of her talents and abilities, and how best to serve others with them.

Through her divine intuition, Julie approached my daughter and offered her assistance to me. I had never met Julie, nor was I aware of her modality of healing, but due to an incapacitating chronic illness, I was willing to try what she was offering. What I was able to accomplish with Julie’s assistance has been nothing short of miraculous. Having access to her healing modalities and combining them with other resources has provided me with the renewed strength and opportunity to live my life on a completely happier, healthier, and love filled level which I never thought possible.

I highly recommend Julie to anyone seeking relief or healing to any degree. Her very presence emanates a loving, graceful, yet a very real and ethereal awareness unlike I’ve ever known. She truly is one of the most beautiful human beings I have ever been blessed to be associated with. I refer to her as, “My guardian angel on this side of the veil”, and I mean it with every ounce of love, respect, and gratitude that I have for her.

June  27, 2018 K.

 Just wanted to let you know, we have gone two nights with Brynnae sleeping all the way through the night. Her mood is so much happier as well!!  

September 29, 2018 C.

I would never have gone to do that on my own. But it was the most beautiful thing. And I'm very blessed to have you in my family's life

 thank you.

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